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Sunday, April 27, 2008

kazu kura kura..hehe (actually kazue shirakura)

The person in the picture is kazu which is my bestest friend,.all the way from nippon,she is pregnant right now.can't wait to see ur baby,miss u kazu n all our good old memories.cepatlah datang malaysia lagi! i also want to go japan if possible n enough money.hehe,sowri kazu.since secondary school had been trying to save money to go there but still tak cukup-cukup.maybe one day i would be possible to do it..pray for me.i really reallly want to gooooo japannn..!!


kazu said...

saya pun try to go malaysia!
nak jumpa Rina sokmo sokmo!!

ReYNa said...

kazuuu..hehe.samishi yo!sokmo2

kat said...

hi reyna. hehe sorry tibe2 post cmmnt kat sini! jst wanna ask you, do you know kazu's email? im nadia's (nanee) sister. and skrg ni tgh nk contact kazue, tapi tatau mcm mana. hehe thank you :D

edy tmrats said...

kazu...?? sekolah peralihan di smss kan??