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Friday, April 25, 2008

friday i'm in love.

yey its friday!my headache of pressure would definetely calms down coz i would be thinking about rest rest n rest.;).happy thoughts!if no ko-k on saturday i would be much happier.n tomorrow, no ko-k,,hehhee.i must think what should i do for weekend tomorrow.i need something that makes me happy.i don't know if huda can accompany me to go anywhere coz she also have lots of work.still not sms her yet but later i will.even i miss png so much but i cannot go back. have to wait till school holiday.urgh so long to wait for the school holiday. i really miss my parents.my home,my little brother,ohhoih.n definetely my honey.really stressfull being a teacher n stay far away from my loved one.sometimes i just want to scream and yell to get out of my system. to ease my mind, i usually read magazines n of course MCD.thank god mcd is not far away from my house,;)yesterday just went to my fav place.i'm loving it..(^^)can resist choc sundae,yummy.n i have new obsession.big apple doughnuts.being craving since last week,tomorrow i must get आईटी..

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