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Sunday, August 16, 2009

baju tunang part 2

Rase malasnye nk update blog.rase nk tgk blog org je.especially blog org nk kawen.haha.Ok.for updates, last week i went to Jakel to search chiffon for my engagement's dress,.At first i thought i want baju like Camelia's sister but change the colour to lilac/lavender (see my previus post).But then my bf said he likes white n i look better in white for our engangement.hrmm..so tukar plan.jumpa kain chiffon warna putih yg murah jugakla n beli jugak kain plain for lining.masalahnye kain lining tu i terbeli lg mahal dr chiffon tuhh(gigit jari).wuuuu..lari bajet tau,to avoid the dress looking too plain,i have to put beads, crystal,wutever la..but the design still like camelia's sister engagement dress tuu.. so huda..plz help me.design gorgeous baju tunang for me!!!!


Anonymous said...

hi. i'm looking chiffon material for my engagement. tp i dh beli yg lace...huhu. sgt sedih...hope to exchage link with u.

ReYNa said...

hi there.i linked u too..oo.its ok if u already bought the lace.actually lace is a good option too n certainly make your dress special:)

hasif said...

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