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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Branded Warehouse sale

Hari ini dgn rasa semangatnya nk pegi pre-raya branded warehousale kat stadium malawati.msg bende,jom teman gi sana.die ckp ok.berehh,.then blk keje trus gi.dhla keje pagi.keje smpai ptg.ingtkan nk blk umah dulu tido2 ke.sbb ngantok lah.tp tahan je sbb nk gi tgk branded warehouse tu punye pasal.huhu.arrived there around 6.30 pm la lebey kurang,oops.saw nic's sisters..diorg dh nk blk.so i asked them is it ok the stuffs?diorg ckp kureng aaa..trus hati jd mcm xde mood..tgk2 mmg btol bknnye best sgt pon.handbag guess,kasut nine west semua mcm dh xde yg best sgtsemua dh dikebas org yg cantik2 tuh.tgk dgn hati yg kecewa jugaklah..the prices also still expensive for guess bag eventho already less 40-60%.but the original price is around 300-500 la.actually..ade je cantek.but i think better i wait for my wedding gift soon.lg best.

eh tadi i also went to cosmetics and fragrance place. tp mostly byk brand yg cikai2 laa. ade la cket vera wang, CK. stella. jpg. bvlgari. FCUK pon ada.tapi very limited. what can i say only 1 bottle for each brand.

but on a separate table i noted a whole collection of cartier’s perfume. and then ada naf naf n aigner.tp i did'nt go for testing the smell.

As people said we cannot trust the sales 100%..coz the stuffs they selling is out of season+not in good quality+rejected..perfume pon tgk cam tipu punyee..wtf..hee,.sabar je la.mungkin kena gi awal pagi la kot baru senang dpt yg apa yg kita nak.huhu

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