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Sunday, July 19, 2009


Today me, my dad n my brother went to sogo as my father came to KL for working.as u know currently sogo n other big malls are having great sales.tp i didnt shopping at all.cuci mata je,.my dad n my bro je shopping,dah la ayahku beli gucci lagi.nak sama ngan mama la katanya,ces.i nak jugak!JEALOUS seh,.hahah.takpa.but the reason i went there is to survey for fragrance n bedding set.sungguh rambang mata la.but for this post i just want to focus on the perfumes..i really fancy the smell of burberry brit, gucci floral,miss dior, dkny fresh blossom, love by nina ricci n of course chanel chance(most feveret,but so expensive..grr).i want to smell again that anna sui flight of fancy, coz i really love the design of the bottle.tp kat sogo takde lak anna sui.huu..i love the smell of freshness, floral n feminine.which one best suited me?

Sweet.love the bottle!

Burberry sheer brit.Floral fruity fragrance.yumm.my dad love it too

fresh blossom dkny.feminine and flowery scent with a slight twist of delicious, juicy, citrusy goodness

cute nina ricci.mcm apple.my bro la ckp best la perfume ni,.test2 best jugak.hehe

gucci floral.first saw it in the ad on tv.n smells sweet floral.but my father already bought it for my mum.alaa

nice too.elegant n feminine.cute ribbon on the top
my utmost favourite.fresh, introduce by nic n immediately fell in love,.but pricey T_T

maybe after this i will decide which one best suited me.mana2 je la asalkan dapat yg dlm lists ni.ok en bakal tunang.


fana said...

miss dior tu kawan fana cakap besss. 2 bln lps ade org jual kt opis. i yg pilih tu. even x leh bau, tere x my instinct??? hahaha

ReYNa said...

ahaha..fana tgk botol cantik lah tuuu.bkn instinct.huhu.bau die cam sweet tp ade musky2 sket.ntahla.rambang mata.tp suka bau chanel tu.


hi reyna...u can get the perfume miniature from my blog...semua ada...paling best skrang is flora by gucci....

A.sharqowi said...

Hai,boleh tahu photographer awk amik dr mana?boleh email sy di ahmadsharqowi@gmail.com tQ..