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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

cerita di SSF

I love these cake tier.SSF is having promotion n cut down the original price from rm50++ to only rm35 je kot.tp x tau la skang ni still on promotion lg tak.n i cannot remember the actual price coz my mother bought it.:)Perfect to put cupcakes.yesss

I also love these stuff too.perfect for decoration

Isn't this hen cute?

n i bought these pomander balls.but not at SSF ye.I bought it at megalace KB.cheaper than KKhome decomart.

I need to find styrofoam pomander balls to make like these.Thank u to faeza coz sudi menjualnya.tp blom jumpa die lg.huhu.tgkla free2 i'll go buy it from her.


fara said...

slmbt buat pomander dgn gigih yer :D

ReYNa said...

hehe,tq.akan diusahakn membuatnya


canteknyeee pomander tuh....exactly my color!!!hihi.beli kat megalace kb yek...how much does it costs?nk cari time balik raya haji nti!=)

ReYNa said...

i bought purple color too.huhu.pink tu utk wedding.ooh.ur theme smae with mine:).beli ni saje je sbb harga die murah sket dr kt kkhomedecomart,25rggt je.tp kalo kat kkhomedecomart hrgnya 35rggt.