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Friday, June 19, 2009

Lost t-shirt

Oh zebra print t-shirt.i couldn't find u!why suddenly i lost my memory?i couldn't even remember where i put my t-shirt.i just could remember that i supposed to bring it back to my kampung coz i want to wear it,.i tried to dig all my memories where i kept it..but hampes.x ingat langsung.could it be i'm already old?or suddenly early stages of alzheimer's disease???x nakkk.huuuuuuuu,...tensionn


masNie said...

pakai last skali kuar ngn sy tuh ke?yg kite g threading tuh

ReYNa said...

bkn aa..yg tu ade gamba kaset,yg ni zebra.hukhukhuk.x jumpa smpai skang.masnie.aku jeles blog mu comel .nnti buatkan utk sy gokkkkk