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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

science presentation

I asked my pupils to do hands on activity about special characteristics of animals to protect themselves from extreme weather/condition n protect itself from the enemies. Only two groups were able to complete the task.huhu.lame sgt nak pikir..apalah diorg niii..but still satisfied la coz they were able to answer all my question.

This is a rabbit..very cute!credits to this group.
This group i dunno la what type of animal they designed.huhu.it looks like a rabbit but it has sharp spines.weird animals..haha.their imaginary pet..whatever la


fana said...

aaa.. tu bukan cat ke.. ngn misai2 nye. hihihi

ReYNa said...

huhu..ntah la.mcm rabbit.ada gak mcm cat.tp ada duri2 kat badan..haha.lawak lah diorg nih.huhuhu

farahkimi said...

rabbit campur kucing kot?haha

ReYNa said...

haha.bila tgk balik mmg bkn rabbit.salah tgk.mana ada rabbit bermisai.huhuhuhu