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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kek batik part 2

Kek batik or layer cake is really easy to do.The whole idea to achieve best results for kek batik are u just need to be patient n get all the ingredients.hhehe.now i will give u my secret recipe to be shared with..the ingredients are 4-5 eggs,marie's biscuit(biskut marie),200g butter, a small canned of condensed milk(depends on ur taste, if u like it sweeter so put more than that), 1 cup of cocoa powder, 1 cup of milo, 1 cup of oat/nestum (i usually use oat coz more healthy) , 1 cup of water n thats it.easy ingredients,no flour.

u need to put the condensed milk first in the big pot/big wok to be heated.Then continue with the other ingredients.keep on stir the ingredients tau..until it will have a good consistency..

the last one to be added is the biscuits.i am lazy to layer it one by one in the container,therefore i straight forward put the biscuits in the pot.hehe.let ur cake slighty cool n then put it in ur fridge.after a few hours the cake can be eaten

p/s: fana..camne..easy kan..haaaaa..buattt la.haha

~i love cooking n baking.i wish i could have one oven in my house at klang.hehe.i also want astro la coz i really love to watch nigella n jamie oliver's programme,.huhu.internet also helps!i just browse recipezaar,nigella n other great webs which contain great recipe..then try it..yeah


fana said...

yey! it's a recipe! haha. easy mmg easy. but im not really into cooking la. dunno y. xleh kawen ni. hahaha

ReYNa said...

heheh.ye ke fana x leh buat.pejam mata je boleh wat.huhu.,dulu fana bleh je wat muffin.haha.nmpaknya biar rina je lah buat.fana tukang makan.,ahahah.