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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Art Class

I am so lazy this week...maybe the effects of my illness.huhu.feel want to sleep all the time.but still pushing myself to go go go n work coz i need too haaaaaaa.Last monday i asked my year 2 pupils to play plasticine for my art class.They were really happy n cannot wait for me to enter their class (as told by other teacher who enter the class before me).Then i asked them to create a set of hi-tea stuffs including kuih muih using colourful plasticine which they brought. The results?quite satisfying n i simply amazed how creative my pupils!haha

Curry puffs n colourful donuts


colourful sandwiches

blue n grey

colourful sets.the thing which is on the very left side i really dunno la ..maybe a vase?

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