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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kek Batik or layer cake

I always have passion in cooking n baking. The most i love is baking a chocolate cake and also making a layer cake using biscuits or in malay we called it as kek batik..huu.i just could'nt resist of chocolate.It's my great guilty pleasure.Today i've made a kek batik for my brothers.they always keep on asking about it..so i stumbled upon this one, it takes a bit longer than most but worth every second spent making it! not least because the laziest of stirring is what’s required.it is really delicious n the easiest recipe u could imagined!

The ingredients..simple n easy to do.just put all the ingredients n the biscuits are the last one to be added.

tadaaaa......makesure u let it cool first in the fridge. i dont have the picture of the layer cake when it is cut off into a square.but u can imagine la.its a layer cake with biscuits:)


fana said...

cecewahhhhhh. suke gak kek batik. tp pnh skali je wat, ms form 3. hahaha. budak2 kt uia slalu buat pastu jual. sape yg beli? kitaorg yg mls memasak ni la yg beli! haha!

ReYNa said...

hahaha.wat kek batik la paling senang di dunia.tp malas nak kacau tu la..kena kacau smbil tgk tv la.huhu.

fana said...

haha...tatau laa.. x igt.. maybe u can publish ur recipe kt blog ni? ke tu secret recipe? hahahaha. mn tau kot2 ade secret ingredient ke. ur bag dh siap. tp ade silap ckit laa. terherot. like usual la kn? hahaha.