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Sunday, June 8, 2008



i'm eating country chickep chop!yum2..but i think it taste like KFC la..cuma ada tambah corn, mashed potato n creamy sauce ..but i like the mashed potato the most!

he's eating new york strip steak!x sedap!huhuhu..mashed potato n the broccoli je sedapp

heeee...this is chilis..before this we thought they served good steaks..but probably not our taste after we've tried it ourselves...or probably not our lucky day to have the heaven steaks.poor him!hehe.


fana said...

ek eleh. ade gak muke mamat ni. ahahahahaha. =P

ReYNa said...

hahah..sbb mamat ni belanje mkn jd kena letak muke die gak sebagai penaja mknn.die ni pon nk glamer gak..huhuhu