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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Napkin folding guide

Another 3 days to go!just a quick update.my meja beradap i akan decorate with huda too.yey!i bought napkin at sogo last 2 weeks.but dunno how to fold it until i came across this very informative web that shows guidance n step by step on how to fold a napkin.i'm a huge fan!senang gile bila tgk cara die buat.walaupon gmbar tp instruction die sgt details n senang paham,.i'm happy:)I might do these designs as they were easy n great to look.

p/s: Useful to every woman or B2B yg nk deco sendiri meja beradab .u can decorate ur meja makan especially kalo nk smbut anniversary ke or apa2 majlis.tentu grand kan?

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