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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Facial and Spa sebelum kahwin

nk balik kg tomorrow!Thank God i managed to squeeze all my things including hantaran in my car.relief~phew..Ok.before i balik kg i did facial treatment at CN beauty health at Giant Klang yesterday. (i've got free facial after i purchased Dr Murad skin care!yeay!). It was really good i must say. I love the treatment start from the beginning until the end,.The original price for that facial is actually RM200++!no wonder i could feel the different after the treatment.My face look glowing:). Mcm mana x glowing dh bnyk step2 org tu buat.really nice u know coz she did massage on my head n my back too .skalo ade duit bnyk sudh tentu nk buat bnyk kali.hehe.

For today,I went to cendana spa in shah alam.. The spa is at seksyen 7 The price is cheaper than other place. dh duit kekurangan jadi pilih spa ini.hihi. walaupon murah diorg buat dgn baik sekali. I went for 'pakej 3' which include flower foot bath, herbal sauna, mandi lulur, naik seri pengantin n hair wash/blow for just rm165.what a deal rite.

At first i wanted to go for pakej naik seri pengantin,tp treatment smpai 6 jam jadi malas laa sbb dh dtg lmbat.huhu.Ok, my first treatment is flower foot bath.sekejap je utk bagi kte rasa relax.then off to do sauna,.Ni part yg plg seksa.i need to sit in that small zip compartment n sweating like hell. berjurai2 peluh turun.,bleh smpai 20 minit but i just can stand until 15 minutes only.huuu.but this sauna is really good to open the pores n memecahkan lemak2. Lps sauna kakak tu bg minum air suam,rasa berdegup kencang dada,huhu.adakah normal?
Then, i was asked to lie down n the lulur process begun,scrub2 smpai rasa licin je kulit.tp bau lulur sgt kuat.haruslah kena mandi.nasib dpt mandi naik seri pengantin!i love this treatment,they put flowers in my bath tub which contain milk bath n aura seri .I felt like a princess tau.Em,,die ada cara nk mandi naik seri pengantin ni,mula2 kena langkah kaki kanan nk masuk dlm tub n baca selawat 3 kali bila sapu air tu kat muka.sgt refreshing n best je.Lastly, i went for hair wash n blow process. This one i wanted to clean my scalp after i sweat like hell during the sauna process,.hihi,.

Oh,I forgot to take the brochure,but u can have more info from their blog. http://cendanaspa.blogspot.com/.


MY said...

Thank you for the info... That rate sounds very reasonable..

ReYNa said...

yup2.murah2 pakejnya:)