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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Idea for doorgift?

I haven't decide what to give as doorgift for my wedding especially for the VIP's(mcm ada org besar je nk dtg.hhuhu.tp xde la.just for important person such as my future FIL/relatives , my relatives n my close friends only).. I think i wanna give something that people won't throw it and maybe useful in the future. I'm thinking to give mug as doorgift tp cam susah je nk cari yg murah.Anyway i just dig from my wedding wishlist folder n found something that i heart so much. A pink mug contain chocs n wrapped nicely would be a perfect doorgift for my wedding isn't it.easy breezy and cuteness.Or maybe to u its quite common nowadays but i still like it.

Source : google


hana yoriee said...

its cuteness!!

ReYNa said...

yup2!i try to find the mug similar like this but dunno where i can find it

basket_lab said...

hai rina
jom tgk pelbagai door gift menarik n murah
harage serendah rm 0.70
lain dari yang lain
beli 1k dapat free gift tau
rsau dgn courier? kami hntr sendiri pada anda tok kwsn kl/sel/jhr :)