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Monday, December 20, 2010

Fabulous Trip to Singapore

I had a fabulous time in Singapore!I wish to go there again. Even though i went there for only 2 days 1 night, i still had a good time. Sebab i pegi Universal Studio!best sangat rasa cam x mau balik tp terpaksa gak balik.. Plus, it was a blast to travel with my bestfriend, masnie together-gether!

Ok.In summary, our trip is really fun coz we all macam backpackers..with very tight budget.Naik bas Transtar coach yg super comfy siap ade jual2 makanan gitu.Tiket pegi cuma RM35 je ok.. nasi lemak die best although it is a bit pricey.Tp takpe utk isi perut dlm bas sbb perjalanan amik masa 4 jam lebih utk smpai ke Singapore. Takde nk letak gmbar dlm bas itu sbb masa tu gamba x bape elok.Masa tu pon x bape sihat.nasib baik ade toilet dlm bas tu..

Ok.Here are some of the pictures captured. I cannot put too many pics as there were about 100++ of our pics in Singapore!mana leh letak semua.huuuu,jd letak yg isi-isi penting je.:)

Our First Day and first time in S'pore!We stayed in Drop Inn Hostel for 1 night. I booked through hostelworld.Great for traveler who looking for a budget place!The location is ideal with MRT station within 5 mins walk. Before i booked this place i thought i wanted to book the soujurn.But it is quite expensive rather than Drop Inn Hostel.So..here we are,...

We chose superior room (twin) and private as i don't prefer to stay with the strangers.The room is simple but nice.
Tried their public transport, MRT.Very fast and efficient too! Only SGD2 to town and they will give u refund SGD1 after u arrived at the desired place.But make sure u collect it at the machine. Tak rasa lenguh sgt sbb train datang every 3mins tau

Whoa. Cam culture shock sikit sbb banyak kedai jual sex toys.selamba je.huhuhu.

We were so desperately hungryyyy...cari makanan halal kat singapore x susah sbb banyak je kedai halal,.carilah logo halal:).ni jumpa la nasi goreng isi perut lagi.cost me SGD3.masni lak mkn claypot.rasenya harga mknn die mahal sikit je. Pastu we all jalan2 naik turun MRT tu smpai x larat dh. sempat gak gi Bugis Junction beli la souvenir sikit bwk balik .Balik hostel bersihkan diri n tido la utk hari plg best esknya.

I suggest you to buy online ticket before going to Universal Studio especially during school holidays. It could have been sold out if you didn't buy it earlier. During weekend the admission into USS is slightly expensive..about SGD72. I went there on Monday so the ticket for adult is only SGD66 . Better plan it first ok?

We had brunch at Mel's Drive-In.Halal and very nice deco.vintage gituu.i loikeee..From the ticket purchased u can used the voucher for food.

Posing with Madagascar characters. Tapi ni tak alive. yg alive ada gmbanya cuma upload yg penguin comel je kat atas.

Sebelum tu baru naik ride Revenge of the mummy..scary siottt.masni laa ajakk.kalo tak sorry nak naik.tapi ni tahap medium lg kut scary die kalo nk banding ngan roller coaster.

Before going back to Kl we had our last meal in Singapore at Restoran Zam-Zam located at Arab St.We ate the famous murtabak ..sungguh sedap sampai menjilat jari.Oh.my mom said she ate the murtabak too when my parents lived in Johor long time ago.masa tu i baby lagi.ooo.dah lama rupanya restoran ni.

It was truly an enjoyable trip,.Going back to Kl with smiling face.Naik bas Transtar tu lagi tapi jenis yg mahal .huhhu.Yang bestnya bas tu ada kerusi urut!comfort sangat.hahaha.bagus.kaki pon dh nak kebas.balik Kl kira bajet yg tinggal utk bln ni,.:(

Note: When it comes to cleanness, Singapore can be nominated as one of the cleanest place on earth!


kelipkelipchumel said...

wow!kelihatannya best..

ReYNa said...

mmg best bangatt!

Goges Makeup said...

wahhhh!!very da best!!suke tgk pix u..cantik2.. :)


ReYNa said...

hi zana.tq for ur comment!:)

Syafinaz Ali said...

Yeah!nmpk menarik.

Hye reyna!

ReYNa said...

mestilaa menarik.kena g sendiri baru rase best.hihi

hye ummi!

Cik Puan Fara said...

wuhhhh bestnye..
i tak penah smpai lg USS sbb mase i pegi tu, still dlm construction (mase naik cable car nk g Sentosa Island nmpk org tgh gigih buat tu smpai ke mlm, mase tu thn 2008)
i pn g ngn bas je time tu, sorg2.. hahaha.. tp smpai kt sane, my bestie ade, die keje kt sane..
igt nk g babymoon kt sanee... tp mesti amat penat kn

ReYNa said...

hi cik pn fara.xpe kat situ ada hotel leh book yg pakej sekali ngan hotel.i'm sure it will be a great babymoon there:).hihi.nxt time i cam nk gi lg.nk g sentosa lak