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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A visit to the chocolate shop

Are you looking for a special chocolate as hantaran?Why not visit the chocolate shop here in KL. I accidently found these two chocolate shops while trying to find the Pasar Rakyat Bus Terminal together with Fana and Rinny. Actually Rinny wanted to find nice chocolate for her engagement hantaran.Jadi survey2 la kat sini.haa.Never thought these shops are nearby the terminal. Clueless.x pernah dengar ada butik choc kat ceruk KL tu.haha,.Of course u can see bas persiaran there too because the tourist also drop by here to buy the chocolate. The shops are Beryl's and Cocoa boutique. Have u heard them before?Beryl's glamer la kot tp yang Cocoa Boutique tu best juga.Its a Malaysian product and why not give a try. Oh..The shops are big too.When you first enter the shops, the staff will give u a sticker.hihi.mcm gi wonderland.Ok.. Lets have a look..First visit is the Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom. But i didn't take any picture here because too excited kot tgk bnyk promotion?haha.U can try the sample too here.

Please click on berylschocolate

Everything looks good to eat

double happiness:))

Now, i remember to take pictures,.hihi.Second visit is the Cocoa Boutique.

Cute Orang Utan made of chocolate

Love Tiramisu Chocolate.sedap ok
Oopss..that's Fana's hand trying to take one of the choc boxes

You can find different unique flavors of chocolate that you will never find it elsewhere such as Hot Chilli Chocolate, Sesame White Chocolate, Durian Milk Chocolate and Tongkat Ali Chocolate.

You can click on cocoa boutique

P/s: We didn't buy anything.As i am poor already.hahaha.That time i was keeping my money for holiday trip to Singapore!What a budget trip


thisisfarhana said...

hmm... cantik tgn i! hehehehehe! ;P

ReYNa said...

hek eleh!!hihihii

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

i pernah dengar pasal tempat tuh tapi tak pernah pergi. mmg murah ke?

ReYNa said...

amy, ade bnyk promotion.mcm ok gak.haritu gi tgk2 je.mcm2 choc jumpa.boleh la g tgk nnti