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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

oiam n nasi lemak (fatty rice)

i only have this pic coz my dear fana is too bz,huhu
then.we went to eat nasi lemak at nasi lemakcinta sayang. shah alam.coz nearby to my brother's house n somebody told us that nasi lemak is delicious.so we just want to try out.quite ok.but since i cannot get my fav part of chicken so i cannot enjoy it so much,:P
hah.today me n my housemate went to night market andalas,so i can get my personal fav nasi lemak.Its already late, so the sambal kerang already sold out.too many costumer craved about it i guess,jadi bedal aje apa yg ada.but still taste great.

i know this story already basi.haha.coz fana already posted about it.but i just want to update my blog.,thats all:).ok need to sleep.tomorrow i have to go to ppd early in the morning...GREAT


fana said...

fatty rice..eee...bunyi cam kelakar.
nasik lemak kelang nye maneee???

ReYNa said...

fatty rice kan bnyk lemak.hehe,gamba yg last tu la nasi lemak pasar mlm kt klang.hahaha.sebenarnyaorg ckp bnyk je yg sedap kat klang ni.tp x sempat nk rasa semua lg laa.