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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dining at Marche

yey!1st time i went to marche..;haha. the interesting thing about marche is it has a ‘marketplace’ atmosphere with an open kitchen concept. u can find all the food in one roof.but u need to be careful coz its quite pricey (for me).hehe.i just want to try out.

my bf ordered the cheese sausage n its taste like MARUKU!hahah. but the rosti (the shredded potato with cheese) is quite ok.n there is my roasted chicken.big portion.huuuhu..taste ok for me.i love the gravy.

Marché (pronounced as Mar-shay), which means “market” in French, is a creative, colorful and innovative restaurant concept developed by the Swiss-based Mövenpick Group. The motto – “Eat in a colorful market-place atmosphere” – is certainly meant to be taken literally in Mövenpick Marché restaurants.

the food here is slightly pricey tho, especially the drinks. But the food is nice here. Actually i wanted to try out their mushroom soup.I found out from other bloggers they said their mushroom soup is to die for.coz i'm too full with that roasted chicken so i forgot to try it.maybe next time la..haha.:)

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