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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

hang out part 2 (Bird's Park, Kuala Lumpur)

My bf said we always went to shopping mall n he tend to get bored with it..so he want to go to somewhere peaceful n not crowded with people..therefore we went to Bird's Park!

beautiful peacock.arrogant bird

main cak cak dengan peacock

olololo...romantic:p..these birds is love bird.its couple i think..comel kan.

lovely bird paradise..look at the tail!amazing

i want to go to world of parrot

feeding the bird..its fun!

the best part..took picture with these awesome bird!i love that owl..manjaaa.that parrot wants to eat my beads.huhu

The conclusion is birds park kl is so much fun coz u can see the birds freely to fly,,only some birds kept in the cage..for example the owl,the parrot n the toucan...u can get many info about birds here.i had already went to this park with my family long time ago..but a visit to this place reminds me back when i was a kid n refresh my mind coz of its peacefulness.go visit ya!


fana said...

comeynyaaaa burung hantu tuuuu!!! cm chakira. uhuhuhuhu

ReYNa said...

ala.semua la mcm chakira.haha.