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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Forever 21

Last week farhana came to my house n sleepover for one night.haha,tetibe je..but of course i welcome her with arms wide open.cewahh,haha.

We went to Ou and cuci mata as usual at Forever21 and other boutiques too. There were many bargain items but we didn't buy anything as the items did not suit our liking n there were too high for our budget. hehe..actually i've already went for shopping so i just want to cuci mata je la,.but then i found a bangle at the bargain place which i thought i like it. But i spotted a lil bit scratch n it was the last piece i think . that's why i couldnt find any other bangles with the same pattern. Fana said maybe someone put that bangles on the bargain place n we tried to find that bangles at other place..but still couldnt find it,huuuu..takpelah..tak beli papelah..went to Diva too but also dissapointed.ahahah.Left Ou with empty handed . But the next day fana went to OU once again n told me that Diva had place new range of items!huh...what a waste laaa..tension..haha

haa.cari la baju..tapi tak jumpa2 pon yg berkenan di mata

I couldn't find any interested items so i caught myself a picture of me..yeaaaaah...tahpape,.haha



fana said...

ape muke tu. x cantik lgsg. lenkali suh senyum. hahaha

ReYNa said...

hahaha..nk gambo candid.tp lenkali kite la tgkap gmbo sekali ,apa la u dtg takde tangkap gambo same2 pon,apa kenangan dpt?hahaha