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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Corelle for mama

Finally i could buy a corelle dining set for my mom. It was sale for corningware, corelle n pyrex at Atria..The event started on Friday until sunday.Yesterday i went to the sale place with my brother to buy that corelle's thing but unfortunately we came too late. We arrived there at 7.30pm.huu. The funny part was we didnt realize the notice that the sale was just until 7pm, we entered the place with selamba badak n suddenly everyone in the sales room gave us weird looking like just seeing aliens..n we stunned there for a few minutes until the guard told us the sale was over at 7pm n asked us to come the next day,huuu,,maluu aje,then today as i promised my mom to buy it for her so we went to Atria once again...kali ni pergi pagii.dapat la beli eventhough that corelle thing is quite expensive..that means i'm broke again.huu..takpe demi mama

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