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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Outdoor session:)

So much amazing pictures so little time to upload.Of course i'm having difficult time to choose many pictures for my photo album.Here are my outdoor session,taken at old Tasik Kuala Krai.Its an abandoned place where no one wants to take care of the place. People could only jog around and take a walk in the morning/evening.. I heard there is someone wants to revamp the place but i'm not quite sure when is it going to happen,.huhu,ye lah. Actually, i planned to take pics at bird's park.But,i cancelled it due to some reasons.At the end of the day, the results are still worth it.Even we were so damn exhausted, we could still have great pictures. Thanks to my OP, aween photoaura,.(puji lagi).grin!

Don't let the balloons away!

dalam banyak2 gmba yang ni paling banyak nganga

The last minute balloons. Thank God they looked good and pretty cool.

Feel like dancing aite?

Go Green!

I love my outdoor session.wink wink~*

P/S: Next update would be my reception in Taiping


farahfatihah said...


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

rina, u dpt aween ekh?? uwwaaa.... jealous2. :(

ReYNa said...

farah..thanks dear!

amy,mmg awen OP wedding kat kelate.huhu.tu pon nsb baik dpt .kalo x die full je

Cik NeyNa said...

series..sangat suka this outdoor session..cantek...

ReYNa said...

thank u cik neyna:))

Riena said...

cantik la color baju ni reyna..very sweet

ReYNa said...

thanks babe:)