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Sunday, January 5, 2014



Its already 2014!Time flies so fast isn't?My little boy Rizqi also has grown up like a magic.Its fun and and at the same i'm blessed because i could still watch my little boy grow healthily.There were so many things had happend in 2013 and i'm sure i'm gonna miss it.especially the his phase of growing up.oh my cheeky cheeky boy.hiihi.

Ok.just want to share.For the starting of year 2014.I'm gonna take a little step further on my business i need to settle a few things more including my new house(can't wait!). Some of you maybe did not know that i'm running my new business .So for today, i want to announce that we have a new collections and its very convenient for breastfeeding mommies. Free postage is still going on until today for people who purcahsed 2 items above. Check out my page ya. in fb and instagram.But i've always update my fb first.Kalau u pembaca blog i kena bagitau mana tau i bagi diskaun lagi:)

 Introducing Jubah Elisa Puff Shoulder!
Eh Rizqi pon nak sebok.hihihi

 Gorgeous large bow at the back and covered buttons on the cuff

Soft awning Tudung Airin.Sape peminat soft awning memang wajib beli ni!dahla senang, basuh pon senang,x yah iron bagai sangat.huhu.I love soft awning.easy for mommies

Check out my fb: rinarizqi and instagram. i do have twitter too but i always update on fb/ig or email me rinarizqi@gmail.com if you are interested

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