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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our 1st Anniversary

Our 1st anniversary happened on 11 june 2011. This entry was delayed for almost 1 week.hihi.What to do.So many had happened even my sister in law got married pun i did not write her wedding story yet.Later i'll update soon.

Back to my story.I couldn't believe myself that my beloved hubby gave me this lovely bouquet for our 1st anniversary.Thank you my dear hubby.He never gave me any fresh flower to me but this year, he became sooo romantic just to celebrate our 1st anniversary!I almost burst into tears (which i did).I love everything he gave to me.

He chose pink roses wrapped with purple and pink wrappers.The colour i love.

Hubby belanja makan at Swensen's Cafe

Nyumm. chicken mushroom penne

Sourdough 49ers chicken

Baked Spaghetti.It was delicious.

Love their chocolate ice cream.

Balik gi feringhi dulu jalan2.mcm dating.hihi.

Refresh back our solemnization on 11 June 2010

p/s: Being a wife is so much better than being single:)


najmi said...

happy anniversary rina, how time flies kan? dapat bunga sgt best!!

ReYNa said...

thank u mie!ye la sy x penoh dpt bunga from huby.tup2 dapat.hahah.mmg sgt best.tu la cepat je masa.tunggu nk baby je ni.hihi

fizanur said...

wow.........we have same wedding date..11 june..yeay!!!