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Friday, May 15, 2009

Bandung or Jakarta?

Last nite i met mie (my good friend since high school). She came all the way from shah alam with her fiancee coz she wanted to give me the invitation card for her wedding.We also had chit chat talking about her wedding preparation, where to shop beautiful wedding gown,.bla bla bla ..huu,she said to prepare for a wedding is soo stresful n tiring. From her experience i think i need to start prepare from now.

So,i'm planning to go bandung this year to jalan2 n of course at the same time i want to look for laces n buy wedding gifts.then, i tried to google in the internet n i found that jakarta is better than bandung to buy laces coz it is more up to date n cheaper.

but whatever i'm planning,how crazily i am to go holiday. i also need to think how much cost i need to spend,i'm still in doubt to go or not.hehe.coz i have very tight budget u know==huwaaa..afterthis i tried to pujuk my father to come along too ...?hmm pic from google.found at syarliz blog i think:).nice kebaya.(huaaaa..dlm hati teringinnye)


fana said...

bandung kot. ekekekke

ReYNa said...

huuuuu,.jom fana gi sekali lagi

liyana said...

bandun memang gila..saya borong macam apa..opss..sorry rina..awak mesti pergi...~!!!

ReYNa said...

huuuu..jelesnye semua org pegi.tp skang ni H1N1.my office x galakkan staff pegi sana.ohhhh..sakitnye jiwaaa